Welcome to the Sales Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire.

It is designed to give you an indication of how you deal with the psychological challenges of selling, so that you can identify your strengths and areas that you may wish to develop further.

You will see some statements that describe how you think about yourself.

Please select the option which matches how much you agree or disagree with each question. Answer these questions in terms of how you feel about your selling right now.

This questionnaire will take less than ten minutes to complete and you will need to answer all questions.

Your personal answers will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your permission, although we may use them in statistical analysis of summary level data.

If you have any questions please email us at smrq@sales-motivations.com.

1. When I am in a difficult selling situation, I can usually find my way out of it.
2. When I think about my sales, I take pride in what I have achieved so far.
3. I don't feel very confident about making telephone sales calls.
4. I feel that I have failed if I don't win a deal that I am aiming for.
5. I have been successful in my sales activities over the last three months.
6. I feel confident handling difficult questions from potential customers.
7. I am very determined in my selling activities.
8. I feel that I will be very successful in my sales activities over the next three months.
9. I would prefer that other people did the selling activities instead of me.
10. Things usually work out well for me in my selling activities.
11. I feel angry or upset if a potential customer doesn't buy from me.
12. If I do have a set-back in my selling I usually bounce back very quickly.
13. I cope with high pressure sales situations quite easily.
14. I usually see the funny side to most difficult sales situations.
15. If I lose a deal it takes me a long time feel positive again.
16. I feel that I'll always be successful in sales no matter what happens.
17. I take it personally if I can't persuade someone to buy.
18. If I lose a deal it's not usually my fault.
19. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to carry on selling.
20. I am not very positive and proactive about my selling activities.
21. I am currently not very successful in my selling activities.
22. I am usually one of the top sales performers in my company.
23. I often receive awards or bonuses for my sales performance.
24. My sales performance is not good enough at the moment.
25. I enjoy working in a busy sales environment.
26. I deal well with high pressure situations without getting angry or upset.
27. I often take my work worries home with me.
28. I usually try to avoid any difficult situations.
29. My colleagues would normally say that I am very good at sales.
30. My manager is not very happy with my sales performance.
31. My sales performance isn't always as good as I would like it to be.
32. Sometimes I don't feel like coming to work because it is so challenging.
33. What is your company name ?
34. What is your first name ?
35. What is your last name ?
36. What is your job title ?
37. How many people in your organisation have sales roles ?
38. What is your phone number including country code ?
( eg for the UK +44(0)1234 567891)
39. What do you sell ?
40. Would you describe your role as:
41. How many years experience do you have in a sales role ?

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